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Beating Heart

Beautiful UK flags and Cross of St George flag in the ceiling in Leadenhall Market, London, England. I was wandering through London on one of my many walks and quite unexpectedly encountered hundreds of flags in the beautiful ceiling in the Leadenhall Market, the Union Jack and the Cross of St George, all strung out like fairy lights. It was quite breathtaking, however as always it's never enough for me to just take the photo, I have to create art from it. That meant waiting for quite some time until I found the perfect way to express this particular beauty. To make this composition I blended two of my photographs - one of the flags in Leadenhall Market the other of Covent Garden Market. Then I used several masking techniques, paint, brushwork and textures to create the piece. There are 18 layers (approx) in this piece. I actually started it a few weeks ago and left it until I was "feeling it" a few weeks later. Then I felt the movement and flow and knew just where I wanted each piece and layer. My muse often finds me working... I'm not one to wait until she turns up! This piece will be available as a 12x12 print at http://nickyjamesonartstore.com/all-images


From Textured Artistry