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Spattered Skyline

Toronto Skyline looking East with CN Tower, railway lines and architecture leading lines, composite artwork. There is more than one way to see (or create) a Skyline. You're probably familiar with seeing Toronto's skyline from the water, or the Islands.

My latest urban grunge artwork takes on the CN Tower and an alternative view of the Toronto skyline. Composed of 4 of my photos and various layers, brushes, blend modes and filters the sketch technique just seemed to draw out all the lines and the perspective in the way I wanted. I took the photos back in February standing on a footbridge looking East...and I had to be far enough away from the CN Tower to get all of its height yet also get detail in the buildings. To get the extended skyline I duplicated, flipped and masked the same photo from a different angle from a different angle, adding blending and layers to add some interest to the sky. In an almost monotone art piece, a splash of red splatters the urban landscape...

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