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A Cheer of Colour - The Arts Market, Leslieville

I love taking something ordinary and creating something that's never been created (except in my mind) and placing it into a fantastical framework that evolves as I work with the idea. The Arts Market, Leslieville is where I have my gallery. I share the space with many other creative souls, all extremely talented artisans. As local artists we share the same space... and also many of the same struggles in getting our hand-made creations seen and purchased, but like the bright colours of this composition we shine brightly because our art drives us and we must answer the call. This artwork stands on its own; it's also a celebration of the artists and the valuable presence of the Arts Market as a cornerstone for local Artists in Leslieville. If you are local to Toronto I hope you will take the time to pop in. And if you love my latest work you can easily make it yours online at http://nickyjamesonartstore.om

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